Sunday, April 22, 2012

Having a Good Time with Thyme from France

France has a reputation for producing good essential oil of thyme, and the interesting thing is that the altitude where the thyme grows determines the flavor and strength of the oil.

Thyme paracymene, grows in the lowest altitude, at sea level, and produces the most aggressive oil. Thyme linalool grows in higher areas and produces a gentler oil.

From gentlest to most agressive:

Thyme Linalool
Thyme Geraniol
Thyme Thujanol
Thyme Thymol
Thyme Paracymene

Linalool, the gentlest, can be directly on the skin without discomfort whereas the more aggressive Thymes are not so friendly to the skin. Even the gentle linalool has an intense drying effect and a single drop on the skin, when wiped away minutes later will reveal a dried circle of skin where the oil sat for a while.

What do you use Thyme oil for?

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