Friday, January 28, 2011

Mood Enhancing

I'm fascinated by Essential Oils. I'm particularly happy with a variety of Lavender that I discovered that grows in South Africa - Lavandula Marie. It reminds me of rugged South African countryside. In other words, it’s not like the delicate aroma of French Lavender. This is bold, rugged and hearty. I love it!

I use it as a mood enhancer for meditation, prayer and for sleep. A drop or two on a Kleenex under my pillow creates an aura of comfort and peace while sleeping. Or, I keep a drop or two on a Kleenex in my pocket whenever I get a stuffy nose. Sniffing the lavender seems to help tremendously.

It has a fresh sweet, floral-herbaceous odor with a touch of the African veld.
A Little History: The use of Lavender has been recorded for more than 2500 years. Records have shown that it was used by the Egyptians as a perfume and also in the mummification process. In Roman Times, Lavender was so popular that only the wealthy could afford it. It

Here, put this on…

My father was like the father in My Big Fat Greek wedding who applied some household cleaner to every cut, sting, bruise and pain. I can't remember my father's version of the Windex used in the movie, but it was the same thing: an unyielding confidence in his secret formula. He was so convincing that from time to time I would find myself recommending to friends the miracle cure of a touch of whatever it was to reduce the swelling, remove the redness, fix it. You'll be OK. Just watch.
William gave me a look today when I embodied my father and his secret potion response. William was mentioning some skin irritation and before he was done speaking I was reaching into my pocket for the ever available-does-all essential oil. I didn't even know which was the lucky bottle about to be recommended, yet I knew that it would definitely meet William's need.

William just looked at me and I found it difficult not to chuckle. I had done this before with an ointment from

Monday, January 24, 2011

Astrological Essential Oils

A friend asked me what essential oils go with her astrological sign. Great question! So I started looking around for answers and asked a few essential oil friends. Here is what I found so far:

• Aries (21st March - 20th April) - basil, black pepper;
• Taurus (21st April - 21st May) - palmarosa, ylang ylang, rose;
• Gemini (22nd May - 22nd June) - fennel, peppermint, thyme;
• Cancer (23rd June - 23rd July) - Roman/German chamomile;
• Leo (24th July - 23rd August) - benzoin, myrrh, frankincense, helichrysum;
• Virgo (24th August - 23rd September) - lavender, myrtle;
• Libra (24th September - 23rd October) - geranium;
• Scorpio (24th October - 22nd November) - patchouli;
• Sagittarius (23rd November - 21st December) - hyssop;
• Capricorn (22nd December - 20th January) - eucalyptus, vetiver;
• Aquarius (21st January - 19th February) - sandalwood, violet leaf;
• Pisces (20th February - 20th March) - cypress.

On Aromaweb and
Aquarius January 20-February 18 - Essential Oil of Choice for Aquarius Neroli
Pisces February 19-March 20 - Essential Oil of Choice for Pisces Melissa

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Support Stopping Smoking

Dear Edward,
Any aromatherapy ideas for someone stopping smoking.  (She already has lots of dietary info, like lots of fruits and veggies to increase alkalinity). 
One Grateful Mom

Dear Grateful Mom,
There are many recommended blends for assisting folk who are stopping smoking.  The bottom line -- it seems to me -- is to create something that is an attractive and comforting aroma that can be safely sniffed liberally.  Aromatherapy supports the quitting process by soothing nerves, promoting calmness and also by purifying the air. 

I have in the past put together a little bottle to help friends quitting smoking, the contents of which