Sunday, January 23, 2011

Support Stopping Smoking

Dear Edward,
Any aromatherapy ideas for someone stopping smoking.  (She already has lots of dietary info, like lots of fruits and veggies to increase alkalinity). 
One Grateful Mom

Dear Grateful Mom,
There are many recommended blends for assisting folk who are stopping smoking.  The bottom line -- it seems to me -- is to create something that is an attractive and comforting aroma that can be safely sniffed liberally.  Aromatherapy supports the quitting process by soothing nerves, promoting calmness and also by purifying the air. 

I have in the past put together a little bottle to help friends quitting smoking, the contents of which
are below.  I can’t say what actually helped them stop smoking, but they reported feeling supported and comforted carrying the bottle around and sniffing it when needed.  Some didn’t even have to open the bottle, the fragrance on the cap was enough to remind them about what they were doing:
· Lots of Pink Grapefruit
· About half as much of Lemon
· Bitter Orange (Neroli) about five drops
· Exactly one drop of Spearmint
· Three drops of Lime
· Five drops of Everlast
· One drop of Clove
· Five drops of Geranium
· Three drops of Black pepper.
· One drop of Myrtle
Other remedies I’ve read about include Green Myrtle blended with Bergamot and/or Clary Sage  (Woody and Earthy aromas)

I am remembering, I think, reading about French Aromatherapy Practitioners who have attributed success to a blend of cederwood, geranium, rosemary for people trying to stop smoking  (caution around inhaling too much cederwood.)
Online you can find references to other recommendations experimenting with Ylang Ylang and floral oils that bring comfort.  (Florals are very comforting for emotional struggles)
Citrus oils to help ease the craving.  
Black Pepper and other stimulating oils to energize

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