Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rise in Peace, Sleep in Joy

Apart from Essential Oils, I have a few other interest that compete for time.  I thought I'd share one of my recent projects because I've been so quiet on this blog.  A while ago I recorded the background music for Joyce's spoken word project, Rise in Peace, Sleep in Joy.  Afterwards, I thought a perfect addition to the CD box would have been a tiny vial of essential oil - or perhaps two, one for the evening (lavendar) and one for the morning (orange).  What do you think?

Affirmative Words
to Begin and End
your Day

Spoken Word by Joyce Duffala
Music by Edward Viljoen

1. Rise in Joy (8:05)

Before your feet even touch the floor, you can help ensure that this day is your best day yet! Start your day with these words of inspiration and encouragement, bringing your attention to what is right in your world all day long.

2. Sleep in Peace (7:36)

Have you noticed that what you read or listen to before going to bed has an effect on how you sleep? Let the last thing you take into sleep be words of peace and comfort. Let this lullaby of truth invite sweet dreams, serene sleep, and vibrant rejuvenation.

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