Friday, January 28, 2011

Mood Enhancing

I'm fascinated by Essential Oils. I'm particularly happy with a variety of Lavender that I discovered that grows in South Africa - Lavandula Marie. It reminds me of rugged South African countryside. In other words, it’s not like the delicate aroma of French Lavender. This is bold, rugged and hearty. I love it!

I use it as a mood enhancer for meditation, prayer and for sleep. A drop or two on a Kleenex under my pillow creates an aura of comfort and peace while sleeping. Or, I keep a drop or two on a Kleenex in my pocket whenever I get a stuffy nose. Sniffing the lavender seems to help tremendously.

It has a fresh sweet, floral-herbaceous odor with a touch of the African veld.
A Little History: The use of Lavender has been recorded for more than 2500 years. Records have shown that it was used by the Egyptians as a perfume and also in the mummification process. In Roman Times, Lavender was so popular that only the wealthy could afford it. It
may have been used during the Great Plague of London in the 17th century, when individuals believed that bunches of lavender fastened on each wrist would protect them from infection.

It's about as tame as oils go, non-toxic, non-just about everything, but packed full of "ahhhhh".

And guess what? You can get it at

Oh, this photo is my applying my newly acquired Aromotherapist knoweldge (yup, I have a certificate to show that I completed a course) to a traveler who had the crud, and everyone knows inhaling lavender and lemon eucalyptus cures the crud - but compassion made me edit him out of the photo because at this particular moment he had kleenex funnels shoved up his nostrils with oils on and looked somewhat like a warthog.

Just the nose area, no other resemblance.


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