Friday, January 28, 2011

Here, put this on…

My father was like the father in My Big Fat Greek wedding who applied some household cleaner to every cut, sting, bruise and pain. I can't remember my father's version of the Windex used in the movie, but it was the same thing: an unyielding confidence in his secret formula. He was so convincing that from time to time I would find myself recommending to friends the miracle cure of a touch of whatever it was to reduce the swelling, remove the redness, fix it. You'll be OK. Just watch.
William gave me a look today when I embodied my father and his secret potion response. William was mentioning some skin irritation and before he was done speaking I was reaching into my pocket for the ever available-does-all essential oil. I didn't even know which was the lucky bottle about to be recommended, yet I knew that it would definitely meet William's need.

William just looked at me and I found it difficult not to chuckle. I had done this before with an ointment from
my youth, maybe it was the one my dad loved, recommending it for everything. It got to the point where William would tease me relentlessly "its also amazing as a spaghetti SAUCE!!!"

By the way you can cook with essential oil you know. Just saying.

I like seeing the world through rose scented filters. I love the confidence of those cure touting mothers and fathers "here put this on. I've got something that will help everything."

I know its not the oil or the ointment. Its what my father had and he gave to me like my grandmother gave it to us and I give it away when I can.

It's everywhere this unsupportable hopefulness: when you are down and troubled. All those who are heavy laden. When you walk through a storm. If we hold on together.
Nothings gonna harm you. I will be there. I will give you rest. You'll not walk alone. I know our dreams will never die? Not while I'm around.

Frankincense and Lavender were in my pocket. Together, why they are literally infallible. Just one drop of each on the spot that's ailing you and .....everything will be ok.

All is well. All is exceedingly well. And all is well.


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