Friday, March 12, 2010

Essential Oils for Tooth Ache

Toothaches can be painful.  They should never be left unattended.  If you can't get to your dentist immediately and would like to have some relief from the pain, and possibly help prevent an infection, here is something you can do with readily available Essential Oils

Put a drop of Essential Oil of Clove and a drop of Essential Oil of Peppermint on a cotton bud and apply it to the gum in the area of the ache.  You might also use one or two drops on a cotton ball and
apply it to the gum of the aching tooth.  You can also make a cold compress by applying one or two drops to a wash rag.  Be aware that Essential Oil of Clove is very strong and irritating to the skin, but can generally be tolerated in small doses on the gum line.

Even if your toothache subsides, you should still go to see your dentist. 

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