Friday, November 06, 2009

Flu Support

Hi Edward,

It as been awhile since I checked in on your blog and I happened to stop by when you introduced your essential oil blog.   I have a question. I am really trying to stay well this season. I have some early signs of a flu or cold and I want to help my immune system out every way I can. I've been researching things I can do and one place suggested essential oils. What do you suggest?
Thanks!  Jennifer

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you for the email with the question. Staying well this season is an adventure. Besides all the support a person can get from essential oils, a nurse practitioner friend of mine reminded me of the benefits of gargling three times a day with salt water. She reminded me that not much can survive a salty environment and I have been faithfully following her advice along with some of the strategies I’ll mention here.

I diffuse orange oil in my home and office. It is pleasant and light enough that it doesn’t disturb other people in the environment who may be sensitive to fragrances. Keep in mind, if you diffuse it in your home and you have cats, be sure to let the animals have easy exit from the room where you are diffusing because cat biology and human biology apparently are equal when it comes to processing essential oils.

If you don’t want to incur the expense of a commercial diffuser, here is a very simple, inexpensive alternative. If you have a fan that can be set on a low speed, like an office desk fan for example, you can place a few drops of orange on a Kleenex tissue and tape it onto the fan so that the air generated carries the essential oil into the room. That is exactly what I do in the office so that I don’t have to schlep my diffusers around.

If you already have a bug, please check out my Nasal Straw video at the top of the blog on the right hand side.

To support your wellness, especially if others in the family are already sneezing, you can begin using essential oils in the shower. Bay Laurel, one drop applied directly to the neck (near lymph glands), and then get into the shower immediately (don’t leave the undiluted oil on your skin for too long) will evaporate in the shower and create a pleasant sensation (and is thought to be antiviral too).

Other oils that can be used in the shower should be oils that are safe to use undiluted (only one drop directly to the skin for very short period of time-the time it takes you to get into the shower). MQV for example is a great support during this season, and each person has to test their sensitivity to the oil by doing a skin test with one drop, say on the wrist and washing it off.

If you do decide to use the one-drop-in-the-shower method. Keep in mind that you should interrupt the regime after one week with a period of no oil in the shower and then take it up, preferably with a different oil.

Please feel free to write with more questions.

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