Thursday, November 05, 2009

Cold Pressing

The process of scoring or zesting the skin of fruit is used to produce oils from citrus fruit. Citrus oils can also be produced by steam distillation, but cold pressed oils are bolder, more vibrant and fragrant.


  1. I have been wearing the terra cotta pendant diffuser and I am in heaven. I get a whiff of scent all day and have been using that Brazilian Sweet Orange with cloves and eucalyptus. The scent seems to last and last. I would love to see you offer these pendants. I think it would be a great incentive for folks to "wear" their favorites. Thanks for the recent info. Have you experimented with blending any oils together?

  2. Hi Sanna, the Terra Cotta Pendant diffusers are great and we're looking into getting them for

    Other options are silver lockets that contain a pad on which you can place a single drop of oil. I'll let you know when we get new Essential Oil Jewelry. We have not carried them up until now.